Florence Airport Taxi
Florence Airport Taxi
Florence Airport Taxi

Florence Airport Taxi

How to Get a Taxi from Florence Airport (FLR)

The arrival at your destination can be the most confusing and stressful part of travel. If you’re visiting a new place for the first time, there are often different laws, customs and procedures that you’ll have to be aware of.

Most importantly, you’ll need to know how to get out of the airport, and into your hotel. Luckily, in Florence, the process of getting a taxi from the airport is relatively simple. Plus, the airport is much closer to the city center than in many other European cities, so you’ll be unwinding in your hotel in no time.

First, when you arrive you’ll want to make your way to the taxi stand, just outside of the arrivals terminal. It’s not recommended to take a ride from anyone who approaches you within the terminal or outside of the authorized area.

These drivers may not be officially authorized and could be scammers. In Italy, taxis are heavily regulated, so it’s easy to make sure you’re catching a safe ride. All taxis should be white or yellow, with a “taxi” sign on the top of the car for easy visibility. Another note is that you can’t hail a taxi from the street like in some other countries, and you’ll find pre-determined taxi stands outside of any major tourist attraction or transportation hub.

At the airport, you can usually get a taxi without waiting, but if there aren’t any available, you can call Radiotaxi, one of the main operators for taxis in Florence. You can use the following numbers to request a taxi: 055 4242, 055 4390, or 055 4798.

The country code for Italy is +39, which you may have to enter if you are using an international phone. You can also use the It Taxi App to order a cab and pay electronically. Once you’ve got a taxi, you’ll have to pay a flat rate for transfers between the airport and downtown.

The standard flat rate is €22 euros. The fixed rate is higher during public holidays, when you’ll have to pay €24 euros, and at night from 10pm to 6am, when the price is €25.30. These rates only cover the ride itself, and you’ll need to pay some additional fees.

For luggage, you’ll have to pay €1 per bag, with a maximum of seven pieces of luggage. There’s also a supplemental fare of €2.70 for trips that begin at the airport. On your return transfer you won’t have to pay any extra.

There may be other fees if you are traveling with animals or with more than four passengers. Keep in mind that these fixed prices are only for journeys into the downtown area, which is about a 15-minute ride.

If your final destination is outside this area, you’ll have to pay the taxi’s metered fare (all taxis should have a running meter, regardless of your destination). Most taxi drivers prefer cash, and may not take card at all, so be sure to stop at the ATM before you catch your ride. With all that information, you’ll be set for quick and smooth arrival in Florence.

Florence Airport

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